Episode 28: PAX Australia Classic Gaming area preview

Engage Code Omega, it’s time for a pre-PAX Classing Gaming Area podcast! Aaron is joined by Ausretrogamer, Serby from Weird & Retro, and first time podcaster Greg Pell to talk about what you can expect from the Classic Gaming Area at the Australian Penny Arcade Expo this year. Classic computers, pinball, arcade, as well as what competitions you can sink your teeth into (or be jealous of if you can’t make it!).

There’s going to be something for everyone this year, so listen in and be tempted!

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Episode 27: Project Hubbard with Chris Abbott

This month we’re joined by c64audio.com’s very own Chris Abbott to discuss all things Rob Hubbard! A project many years in the making, Chris is currently in the final stages of bringing Project Hubbard to life – a massive project dedicated to the life & career of Rob, including a book, new music and more!

You can find the Kickstarter for Project Hubbard, including a number of the preview tracks & games at http://www.projecthubbard.com

Chris’s work, along with much more can be found at https://c64audio.com/

Thanks for listening!

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