Episode 35: A Spectravideo 318 & 328 master class

This episode we’re joined by Cameron B as Tony goes back before the MSX to take us on a Spectravideo 318 & 328 master class! In addition we debrief a bit more from PAX Australia, check out what games we’ve been playing and talk over some news items that caught our eye.

This episode’s news:

Some of the games mentioned:

  • Pyxidis
  • Meteor Swarm
  • Munch Mania
  • Cavern Fighter
  • Sydney Hunter and The Caverns of Death
  • The Outer Worlds (ok, not “retro” but it’s still amazing!)
  • The Orange Box (and another not so “retro” title…)

You can say hi to Cameron over on Twitter @octamed

Tony’s webpage for his programming & games is www.electricadventures.net, along with his YouTube channel of the same name!

2 thoughts on “Episode 35: A Spectravideo 318 & 328 master class”

    1. Thanks! It’s “Exolon Remix” by Ash Read and Nicholas Jones, who were kind enough to allow us to use it with their permission when we started the show.

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