Episode 36: The Age of Aquarius

It’s the age of Aquarius! Episode 36 flies into town with the team chatting to Sean Harrington about the Mattel Aquarius, that curious little Z80-based computer from the house of Barbie. We talk creating new mods for the computer, a bit about its history, as well as take a look into Sean’s background with the system, a bit of Star Wars & more!

This episode’s news:

Some of the games mentioned:

  • Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
  • Choplifter (on many, many platforms)
  • Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (Aquarius)
  • Utopia (Aquarius)
  • Astrosmash (Aquarius, but also Tony’s “Let’s make a retro game” series on YouTube)

The two Aquarius Emulators referred to are “Virtual Aquarius” and “AqEmu”, both of which can be found here – https://www.zophar.net/aquarius.html

You can say hi to Sean on Twitter @1stage or visit the Aquarius Community on Facebook!

Tony’s webpage for his programming & games is www.electricadventures.net, along with his YouTube channel of the same name

Episode 35: A Spectravideo 318 & 328 master class

This episode we’re joined by Cameron B as Tony goes back before the MSX to take us on a Spectravideo 318 & 328 master class! In addition we debrief a bit more from PAX Australia, check out what games we’ve been playing and talk over some news items that caught our eye.

This episode’s news:

Some of the games mentioned:

  • Pyxidis
  • Meteor Swarm
  • Munch Mania
  • Cavern Fighter
  • Sydney Hunter and The Caverns of Death
  • The Outer Worlds (ok, not “retro” but it’s still amazing!)
  • The Orange Box (and another not so “retro” title…)

You can say hi to Cameron over on Twitter @octamed

Tony’s webpage for his programming & games is www.electricadventures.net, along with his YouTube channel of the same name!

Episode 34 – Decathlon on the kitchen bench

Coming to you from the PAX show floor, it’s Episode 34! This time we’re joined by Tired Parent Mat Kapin, and Arcade Perfect’s Dazza to plan some new vintage game inspired movies, remakes we’d like to see and more! An extra special thanks to Audio Technica for letting us use their recording booth at PAX once more.

Some of the games mentioned this episode:

  • Untitled Goose Game
  • The Vigilante Proclivities of the Longspur (that’s the point & click adventure game Mat mentioned!)
  • Mrs Mop
  • IK+
  • Deviants
  • Zamzara
  • Hero II
  • PSI-5 Trading Company
  • Paradroid
  • Body Blows

The Tired Parents can be found over at https://twitch.tv/tiredparents or Mat is on Twitter as @KapinKong

Daz and the Arcade Perfect Podcast can be found at https://arcadeperfectau.podbean.com/

Damian’s gaming and arcade restoration blog is at https://tehkella.net/retro

Episode 33: Training to keep up with the Commodore – featuring Marc from Game the System

Presented with special thanks to Audio-Technica, here’s episode 33 of the Press Play on Tape podcast recorded live from the Expo Hall floor at PAX Australia 2018! This episode Aaron is joined by Marc from the Game the System Podcast to talk up how to start keeping up with the Commodore 64 (as if you aren’t already!). Tips on finding hardware, games to look at and other ways to get involved with the community behind one of the world’s best loved home computers.

If you’d love to hear more of Marc and the GTS crew, they can be found at http://gamethesystem.co/ or in all major podcast apps!


Episode 31: Commodore Amiga driving games

Welcome to the 68000 mile rally! The PPOT crew have their Zoomers in hand, and are all buckled in to take the Amiga for a spin through some of their favourite driving games.

Links to cool stuff mentioned in the episode:


Episode 30: Z80 Assembly with Keith from chibiakumas.com

What does the Z80, Japan, Deathsmiles and the Amstrad CPC Enterprise have in common? They’re all talked about this episode as Tony and Aaron are joined by Keith from chibiakumas.com! We chat to Keith about Chibi Akumas, his bullet-hell shooter for the Amstrad CPC, MSX2 and more, as well as taking a look into his experience working with Z80 assembly across a number of different platforms.

Links to cool stuff mentioned in the episode:

Episode 29: Galencia and Khaos Sphere with Jay Aldred!

After being stuck in a recursive loop for 6 months, the Press Play on Tape Podcast is back and better than ever!

In this episode Jay Aldred drops by for a catch up to talk about his games, both past and future. Starting with a bit of a Galencia post-mortem, Jay also talks us through what we can expect from Khaos Sphere when it drops in the future (Soon™? When it’s done? Listen and find out!).

And to celebrate our return, we’ve got three digital download copies of Galencia for the C64 to give away. Simply listen to the episode and using the contact form below, answer the following:

“How much space does Jay say the C64 Cartridge gives him to work with?”

Competition is now closed. Winners will be drawn soon™

Press Play on Tape is bringing the retrogaming to AICon 2018!

Attention Hobart! This weekend you can finally see us face to face, as we’re coming to AICON at the Wrest Point Convention Centre!

If you’re heading along this weekend, come visit us in the Wellington room and relive the best of retrogaming with classic computers and consoles. We’ve got the Atari 2600 through the Commodore 64, Nintendo Gamecube, Atari Jaguar and much more!

And what’s a convention without a comp?

On Saturday April 7 we’ll be running an all day high score comp on the C64 featuring Reset Magazine’s 2017 Game of the Year: Galencia! Set the high score and win bragging rights, as well as a free copy of the game!

If you haven’t got tickets already head over to the AICon website for more details or get them at the door.